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Quaver Music

  1. Go to
  2. Click "NEED A QUAVER ACCOUNT" to the left of the "ENTER" button
  3. Please make your child's Quaver Name the first name your child goes by at school and his/her last name with no space in between.  If it says someone already has that name, add "-aes" to the end.  If it is too long (20 characters), shorten it to a way that your child can remember what the username will be.
  4. PASSWORD will be your child's six digit student number. It will probably begin with "2032xx"  If you do not know your child's student id, please contact me at
  5. Students in Abernathy are not assigned an e-mail address until later in school.  To sign your child into Quaver, please use your e-mail address in the e-mail address category.  
  6. In the QUAVER CODE box, enter:
    1. Kindergarten enter:  QJ2MY
    2. First Grade enter:  QUCE8
    3. If you are entering a child in another grade, please contact Mrs. Knight for your class code at
  7. Click ENTER.  If there are any errors that do not make sense, please let me know.  
  8. When you have completed your child's registration, please e-mail me ( ) the following information so I can have it on hand if I ever need to trouble shoot an issue for you
    1. Your Child's Name
    2. Your Name
    3. The name you used for "QuaverName"
    4. The id number you used for the student's password
    5. Your e-mail address
I will post assignments in Quaver eventually.  I am still learning the student end of the program.  I will post assignments, ideas, and general information on this website and on FaceBook until I completely figure out how to merge Quaver assignments with my unique assignments.  Thank you for your patience during this time of MAJOR learning curve!!!  I look forward to sharing music with your child again...  I miss my "little chickens."
Anna Jo Knight-elementary music  806-778-6257
Your student has an account in Quaver!!!  This is part of the curriculum I use in their music classes and what better time to push out the individual student pages than now!!!!  
  • Your student's username is "firstnamelastname-aes" (no spaces):  example:  keelanknight-aes
  • If your child goes by the middle name, I tried to be sensitive to that.  If you attempt to login and the information I am providing does not work, please contact me ( or 806-778-6257-text is best) and I will see what I entered as the username. If it was over 20 characters, I had to get creative. :-)
  • If the total characters of first, last, -aes (usually hyphenated last names) equal more than 20, I guarantee I had to get creative.  Just shoot me an e-mail or text.
Your student's password is the six digit code your child uses for lunch.  Usually it is the graduation year with an additional two digits.  If you need help with this, the number is on past report cards, or you can always contact me and I can look it up.
If you are given the option to choose "with flash" or "without flash" choose without.
I will be giving some assignments in Quaver.  These will probably be done through GoogleClassroom, but I am still learning!!!  For now, just have your child get on and explore in Quaver.  Change the Avatar.  Have fun.  See if you can find the games!  
The e-mail used to sign the students up is their school student e-mail address.  If you do not know that address, let me know.  If you would like to add another child (one not yet in school), let me know and I can try to get them added.  There is no harm in siblings playing on the same account.