Welcome to Abernathy Elementary Music!!!

I teach kids....oh, and we use music to do it! Thank you for letting me love your children and be part of your support team. I look forward to spending many fun times and making lots of magical memories with your family!!!!  We are together through all of elementary then again in high school band.  I have THE BEST job of watching your kids from the beginning to the end!  
I dream of being Mary Poppins.  She is magical!!!  My dream job would be the Mary Poppins at one of the Disney Theme Parks!  I also love Carol Burnett, my favorite comedienne.  One of my favorite professors in college couldn't remember my name right off the bat so he called me Carol (for Carol Burnett).  It stuck.  I don't think he ever called me by my given name! 
I live in Abernathy with my husband, Matt Knight-the band director (he is also the Region 16 ATSSB Coordinator and 2021-2023 Association of Texas Small School Bands President--I'm really proud of him), my son, Keelan-who just finished his first year at LCU and is a team captain for the e-sports Rocket League team, and three dogs-Samson Very-Bad-Dog, Badger-Very-Fat-Dog, and Dottie-she's the mutt and definitely the clown of the group! 
I love coffee, Disney, crafting, Diet Coke, chips & salsa, Christmas, Easter, fall colors and lime green! 
We love our little town and have a great life.  I am so blessed that my students are part of it!